Ecosystem maps

At Marjory, we want to make it easier to set up marketplaces. So we attempted the humongous task of mapping the entire B2B and B2C marketplace ecosystem, starting with their service providers.

We’ve done a lot of research ourselves, and produced an initial map (below). Because there’s a limit to how many logos we can fit on a map, we also have a much more comprehensive list here.


Want to add your service?

Check out our map of service providers specialized in marketplaces and tell us what you think:
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We would be fools to think we can do this alone. The truth is, we need as much input as we can get. So whether you’re a service provider and think you should be on the map, a marketplace using service providers not mentioned on the map, or anyone else with an opinion on this, use the form below to get in touch. We want to hear from you!